Division Orders

Division Orders, DOs, or Division of Interest documents are important components of any E&P business. To ensure that these documents are processed and managed very well, Pacific Coast Land Solutions provides a well-rounded set of Division Orders-related services.

Our team is composed of highly qualified professionals who can provide administrative and consulting assistance. Detailing of proportional ownerships of minerals and the distribution of oil, natural gas, and other major energy products can be done in a more efficient manner through our DO services.

Division Orders Services We Offer:

Here are the numerous ways we can help you when it comes to Division Orders. To know more about these services, feel free to send us an email at any time.

  • Division Orders - We can help you set up a Division of Interest (DOI) deck. This will reflect the entirety of the property with clear details and accurate measurements (lease, tract, well data, lease working interest, lease royalty rate, tract mineral interest, etc.)
  • Division Order Document - Division Order documents or reports are critical and must be done without errors that can become extremely problematic later on. We will assist you with this by making sure all necessary fields within the document contain the needed information, such as Unit Description, Well Name, the Net Revenue Interest (NRI), etc. Since Division Orders are meant to give notice to owners and governmental agencies, they need to be done with due diligence.
  • Send Out Division Orders - Mailing DO packets is another matter we can help you with. to each owner can then be mailed out. We will send these on your behalf in a timely and organized manner while ensuring peace of mind. Investigation - We perform cross-referencing and other checks to ensure data accuracy. The whole verification process makes sure that landowners receive their proper production share.
  • Interest Calculation - For this complex process, vigilance and accuracy are required. The calculated results will be used for sorting out payments and making sure the right amount is owed by the right people. This also requires the close look of a Division Order Analyst as well as monitoring transfer of interests. Pacific Coast can help make every step more stress-free.
  • Accounting Updates - Update accounts, sort information, fill up forms, and coordinate with in-house and third-party professionals smoothly. Validation and Setup - Manage the updates of ownership information and addresses and have them verified. Make sure that you have an overview of the status of your DOs any time.
  • Tracking during Wait Periods - There will be wait periods in between each step that a Division Order goes through. If not monitored well, things can fall through the cracks and cause huge delays or irreparable damage. Avoid this by having professionals track whatever is needed and supervise waiting timelines.
  • Deck Updates - As Division Orders are executed, decks will naturally have to be updated. Keep on top of everything without stressing too much. We can also help you during times when regulations are updated and decks need to be kept up to date.
  • Payments Management and Maintenance- Once DOs are received and decks have been updated, it is time to cut those checks. This service can assist your accounting team in making sure that payments are sorted properly and any administrative maintenance or preventive measures are done to the highest standards.

Let us know how we can help you with your Division Orders. We are more than happy to provide tailor-made solutions. Contact us via these channels:info@pacificcoastls.comor call us:720.234.1155