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Pacific Coast Land Solutions is your reliable partner in Right of Way acquisitions and Title services. Expect professionalism and reliability when you partner with us. Our comprehensive services are designed to put clients first - always.




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Using machine learning, artificial intelligence, and our expertise we help companies turn physical records into digital data, and distributed datasets into cohesive reports.

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NELLO is a global leader in the design and fabrication of galvanized steel towers and poles. We service a wide variety of markets specializing in tapered utility pole and transmission pole structures as well as wireless self-supporting towers, guyed towers, and monopoles. Lead by a team of experienced engineering, design, and manufacturing professionals, NELLO has grown to one of the larger infrastructure providers in North America. Today, we continue to add manufacturing and distribution facilities to meet the needs of our growing customer base. Our extensive design and manufacturing experience allows us to develop new cost effective and innovative products for our customers.

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Vegetation Management

Pacific Coast Land Solutions is a California Public Utility Commission and six (6) State DOT “DBE” Certified utility/energy/right-of-way consulting company in the U.S. We enable our clients to manage their interests in a responsible and self-determined way so they can proactively manage vegetation across their entire rights-of-way. We stress continuing education and acquiring industry certifications to our team members to stay on top of and to share relevant industry content with our clients around the country.


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Benefit from Pacific Coast’s competitive prices, agile and high-quality services, profitable partnerships, and state-of-the-art AI data extraction. Together, we can come up with strategies that will lead to the best results for your projects. Get in touch with us and let us start working towards your success.


Pacific Coast

Land Solutions

Why Work with Our Team?

Pacific Coast Land Solutions was formed with our clients in mind. We have taken years of knowledge and expertise within the Real Estate & Right of Way profession to form a comprehensive organization that you can count on for all your needs. Pacific Coast can assist with the initial planning of projects all the way through cleanup and restoration. Our highly skilled and dedicated staff of professionals are accomplished in all aspects of project development and execution. We are committed to the details of each project, which ensures success and provides our clients with the most positive outcome.

We offer comprehensive support, efficiency, and consistency. Make full use of our years of knowledge and expertise in the field.

What Should You Expect?

You will find that our list of services can help your projects from start to finish.

Pacific Coast offers this comprehensive list of smart solutions:

  • Right of Way
  • Title searches
  • Title Audit
  • Curative Title
  • Acquisitions
  • Real Estate
  • Relocation
  • Digital Data Extraction
  • Power Poles
  • Power Towers
  • Towers
  • Distribution Poles
  • Land Management Systems
  • Project Management Database
  • Linear projects
  • Land Database Management
  • Public Works
  • Vegetation Management

Pacific Coast Land Solutions works with midstream companies, Oil & Gas producers, pipeline companies, utility companies, and energy companies to streamline their projects and sort out any land-related issues.

Why Partner with Pacific Coast?

Need assistance in laying the groundwork for your projects? How about post-completion? Pacific Coast has a team of dedicated professionals who will make sure that your plans are executed smartly and efficiently. We only have your success in mind.

Experienced People

Our network includes database and land management companies, top national survey firms, top national appraisal, and evaluation firms, industrial manufacturing firms, Registered Arborists, Right of Way clearing firms, pipeline reclamation firms, and pipeline construction firms. Work with us and not only will you benefit from our expertise, but from that of our partners’ as well.

Experienced People

We understand the value of quick decision making and assertiveness in response to current market conditions. Being agile allows us to react or redirect our efforts to ensure that our clients best interests are at the forefront of all that we do.

Experienced People
Artificial Intelligence
Data Extraction

Minimize the stress and resource drain of sorting through huge amounts of information. Our AI data extraction service is the first of its kind and will make data analyses efficient and productive.

Why We Created Pacific Coast?

Pacific Coast Land Solutions was born out of the desire to provide value to companies and government sectors that are looking for assistance in the Right of Way, real estate and land title fields. We provide our years of knowledge and experience to make projects go smoothly and quickly.

We are a reliable partner that you can count on no matter the stage of your project. Our team of experts can provide assistance during the planning stage, the execution phase, and up to the last steps for completion. We can also assist in the cleanup process or any restoration project.

Pacific Coast always aims for the most positive outcome for our clients and their plans.

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Meet the Pacific Coast

Executive Leadership Team

Pacific Coast’s leadership team drives our processes and people towards excellence. Get to know our executives and how they can help make your plans a successful reality.

Eli Lyons

Principal - CEO

Cash I. Diel



VP of Legal


President of Manufactured Towers & Poles Division

Danny P. Gibbs

Director of Business Development

Let us help

Partner with us for all your Right of Way, Real Estate, and Land Title needs. Our highly experienced leadership team and skilled staff will provide you with smart and efficient solutions. Get in touch with us and let us come up with the best strategies for your projects’ success.



No other business offers the kind of consistency, efficiency or comprehensive support that Pacific Coast Land Solutions provides. Our people, processes & technologies are one of a kind.


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Lease & Land Admin/Maintenance

Project or Ongoing Support

Data entry & Cleanup

Complete Land Records Admin

GIS Mapping

Lease Maps

Tract Maps

Well Maps

Pipeline Maps

Division Orders

Perform Calculations

Interest Verification

Owner Relations


Data Solutions

Custom Reports


Data Conversions


Accounting Services

Cut Administrative & Labor Costs!

Revenue Accounting

Joint Interest Billing

Production Accounting

Mineral Management

Mineral Setup & Maintenance

Dashboard Reporting


Operator Updates

Digitize Documents

If you have machine typed, handwritten, or mixed-content documents and want them scanned with advanced OCR techniques for the best quality output possible, we can do that!

Reports and Dashboard

Having access to information is great, but until it is organized it won’t do you much good. You need reports that answer specific questions and a dashboard that both gives you a high-level overview and lets you drill-down into the details.


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Pacific Coast Land Solutions was formed with our clients in mind. We have taken years of knowledge and expertise within the Right of Way profession to form a comprehensive organization that you can count on for all your Right of Way needs.

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