Admin & Maintenance

Pacific Coast supports the management of business land records through a comprehensive list of administrative and maintenance services. We also have a diligent and reliable team of lease analysts, GIS mapping specialists, and order analysts to keep you on track and prepared.

Whether you need to create land database systems, track special provisions, or manage specifically tricky situations - our capable team will take a good look at your project needs and provide solutions that bear quantifiable and satisfying results.

We deploy advanced artificial intelligence technology as well as front-end and back-end support to meet your needs.

Administrative and Maintenance Services:

  • Correspondence handling for maintenance of lease records
  • Analyze and comply with Title Opinion curative requirements
  • Scan Land Files for Land System integration, Archiving of paper files, Due Diligence or Acquisition/Divestiture File Room creation
  • Obtain curative documentation to clear cloud-of-title
  • Consult on choosing a Land System that fits your needs.
  • Obtain recorded documents and file instruments for record
  • Research and determine Mineral Acreage and Company Net Acreage
  • Acquisition and Divestiture Lease Data integration
  • Manage Mineral Tax Accounting and Compliance
  • Make and track payments such as: Bonus, Delay Rental, and Shut-In Royalty Payments
  • Input Leases, Contracts and Wells into a fully integrated Tract-Based Land Management System, or into any Land system of your choice.
  • File Maintenance of complete lease, tract, contract, and well files
  • Owner Relations Management
  • Liaise and manage communications with lease brokers, attorneys, abstractors, and landowners as needed
  • Extensive reporting covering Acreage Reports, Payment Obligations, Special Obligations, Lease Schedules and other Land Management Reports available by Tract or Lease basis
  • Review and analyze Leases for vital clauses and obligations
  • Notice or Mail-out Drafting, Mailout and Tracking
  • Digitize Land Records to make them available for secure Online Cloud viewing, printing, or sharing from any computer or mobile device.
  • Paper or Digital File Setup of lease, tract, contract, and well files
  • Secure Data Room creation and hosting with customizable password-protected access
  • Calculate Gross Working Interest (GWI), Net Revenue Interest (NRI), Overriding Royalty Interests (ORRI) on a Lease and depth basis

GRAY HAWK LAND SOLUTIONS is all about providing our clients with peace of mind when it comes to land administration and management. Our comprehensive solutions can meet a wide range of difficult situations that your business may encounter.

Go through surface contracts and easements and right of way agreements to find the needed data to make intelligent business decisions. You can even extract calls to GIS Maps and process AFE and JIB Extractions.

Track your assets with ease and improve your operations from top to bottom with the use of our artificial intelligence technology and other land solutions.